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domingo, 5 de julho de 2009

Hebrew: Modern (Outi Bat-El)

Hebrew: Modern (Outi Bat-El): Modern Hebrew (MH) is the first language for the native Jewish population in the State of Israel and the second language for the new immigrants and the native Arab population. In its current form, MH is dated back only as far as the late nineteenth century; prior to that period, Hebrew was only used for liturgical and ritual purposes for about 1,700 years. The genetic affiliation of MH to the Semitic family, although not uncontroversial (Wexler 1990), is strongly manifested in its morphology and lexical stock, which were drawn from Biblical Hebrew, the language of the Old Testament. The phonology of the language, on the other hand, as well as word order, do not reflect the characteristics of Biblical Hebrew.

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