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segunda-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2009

Learn Hebrew online: New digital version of Sha’ar La’Matchil provides readers with news, current events from Israel

Learn Hebrew easily online

New digital version of Sha’ar La’Matchil provides readers with news, current events from Israel

Ynetnews – 19/01/2009 - Yedioth Ahronoth is proud to announce the launching of the digital version of “Sha’ar La’Matchil”, Israel's first and only leading easy-Hebrew newspaper online:

Sha’ar La’Matchil, the long-standing weekly newspaper, offering news and current events in easy Hebrew, written and edited by the finest teachers and journalists, under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, is now offering a digital version online, making it more affordable and accessible than ever.

For the past year, Yedioth Ahronoth and The Ministry of Education have consolidated their best resources and put together the first easy Hebrew online newspaper.

Sha’ar La’Matchil includes the latest news, updates and columns, offering its readers the perfect way to improve their Hebrew language while providing them with current and up to date news from Israel in easy Hebrew with vowel marks.

The digital edition of Sha’ar La’Matchil contains audio files of selected articles and stories online, which are recorded aloud in coherent Hebrew providing a unique reading and learning experience: easy browsing, quick searches and increase font, while keeping abreast of the latest events in Israel from any computer with an internet connection.

The digital edition of Sha´ar La´Matchil is designed for Hebrew students worldwide - children, youth, adults, beginners, advanced, continued education students, classroom students, independent students, children of Israelis living abroad and teachers. Thousands of Olim (Israeli immigrants) have used this paper over the years, and reading from it is a regular part of Ulpanim (language courses) in Israel. It is an excellent way of improving vocabulary and comprehension.

To subscribe to Sha’ar La’Matchil’s digital version or for more information, visit the new and improved website at:

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